SS24 Look - No.17

SS24 Look - No.17

This relaxed and informal look blends patterns with textures, green with blue (yes, you can do that), and loosens the fit. It is an excellent look for your next sunny Sunday. 


Now the sun has come to visit, Portuguese Flannel has booted off in store. You'd think they specialise in winter wear when you hear the name; however, for me, their summer collections are where they really shine.

Their prints and weaves are always interesting, and the fit on their Cuban collared shirts is spot on, especially how Ed wears them with a Sunspel vest underneath. The green, orange and white embroidered pattern on this particular shirt is inspired by A
zulejos, traditional handpainted tiles often found in architecture in Portugal. Did we mention it comes in the Navy? It looks cool (as Ed has it here), or opt for the size up from your usual and tuck it into some high-waisted trousers, and you will be smoking guns ready for any summer showdown.

Introducing the Negroni Lux, a new
 trouser shape from Berwich. It's a fuller-leg version of its sibling, the Retro, with a high waist and double pleats. The herringbone fabric has a crepe-like feel and is a blend of cotton, virgin wool, and elastane. They're so comfortable when you put them on; it's like they're not there! We suggest tailoring them to kiss the shoe, as Ed does, but they also look great with a full break, covering the top of the trainer. These trousers are a versatile addition to any wardrobe. 

This season, we welcomed a new name to the roster, Jacques Soloviere. A Parisian footwear company that makes exceptional products. Their designs are unlike any else; many of their shoes are made of one piece of leather, like this Herve sneaker. The eyelets are punctured into the top of the leather,  so when the laces are woven in and tightened, it creates its closure and tongue. The sole unit is quite chunky yet they still wear slim. I'm gutted I sold the pair I ordered myself! We like these with shorts as well as trousers. Whack on a pair of Berwich Bermudas and a cotton knitted tee, and you're good to go. 


So there you have it. Look, No.17 of SS24 is now live. 

If we don't have your size or you need advice on sizing or styling, don't hesitate to contact us. You can find each item online and in-store.


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