Berwich Trousers: Our Guide to the Retro, Morello, and more

OK, we love all the partnerships we have with our brands. But we have a soft spot in particular for Berwich, as it seems so do our clients. We love knowing that we were the first UK stockist of Berwich, but quite frankly, we are shocked that we were. These should have been here a long time ago, with people spending similar money on trousers from high street stores, this product was an absolute no-brainer for us. 


The Fumarola family have been making high-quality trousers since 1975; all cutting and sewing is done in-house. They not only work with some of the best mills in the world (Loro Piana, for instance), but they also make trousers for some of the biggest luxury brands in fashion today. 

This season we have, of course, returned with our two favourite styles, the Retro & the Morello. 

The original Retro trouser designed by Berwich usually had belt loops as well as side adjusters, it was actually one of our regulars who started getting the belt loops taken off every pair he bought, so we have decided going forward not to have them on our Retros (Senza passanti per cintura). Personally, we feel it makes it a lot cleaner and minimal. Down to its success last winter, we again have bought the Retro in four colours of the washable flannel from Italian wool mill Reda which is versatile enough to be partnered with a sports jacket or a piece of knitwear. We also have opted for covert wool in charcoal and camel. Covert wool is personally one of my favourite fabrics for trousers. Holds the front and back creases beautifully and is very crease-resistant. Ed and I, of course, had to treat ourselves to these! 

berwich covert trouser

The Morello is the shape we always have in stock in our perennial collection. In both gabardine stretch and cotton elastane garment dyed. It's your standard slim fit chino ‘styley’. In the winter, we have been buying it also in a super soft stretch moleskin (animal lovers, they are not actually made of moles, yes two customers actually thought that’s what moleskin was) These we have in your trusty navy and also army, which is a deep forest green that will sit perfectly with the earthy knitwear we have in this season. 

jumbo cords from berwich

Lastly, we introduce the Barber to the store. Similar to the Retro, with a mid to high rise, single pleat, tapered leg and turn-ups.  But they feature belt loops instead of side adjusters; for the fabric we have chosen, side adjusters just wouldn’t work as it’s too thick. Last year, if I had a quid for every time someone asked for some cord slacks, I’d have £12. Berwich have developed their own jumbo cord, which is velvety and soft with a nice bit of natural stretch. Of course, when you think of cord, you think of brown or mustard. Mustard isn’t really our thing, so we have the Barber in a mushroom brown as well as an off-white. Tutto Bene.


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