AW23 Look - No.10

My favourite outfit of the lot, and Ed got to bloody wear it. I love earthy tones, I love wool and the textures it can create, I love Informale, and I love lamp. Playing with the textures and mottled colours that wool brings, here is Outfit 10.


This overcoat from Cavaliere is one of the most interesting pieces in store this season. It is made from pure wool but brushed in a way that the fabrics became long and hairy, much like……………. the shaggys from Shetland Wool Co that we stock. The handle is surprisingly soft and spongey, and the texture has a lot of depth due to the mix of grey fibres running through the brown. The shape is relatively slim with high armholes, the lapel is broad with a high gauge, and it has three buttons and big old patch pockets, making the jacket suitable for more informal outfits also. 

John Smedely Dorset Polo

One of my favourite items I have ever owned is this piece of knitwear, the Dorset from Smedley in soft fawn. Unfortunately, two kids and laziness happened, so I outgrew it. The Dorset has been an icon for Smedley for almost 100 years and is still made in the world’s oldest-running manufacturing factory in Derbyshire. How cool is that? The Dorset, along with the Isis polo, are the only polos that still use the vintage fashion collar,  which, for us, is by far their best, as it’s bloody big. The Dorset is made in a 30 gauge fine merino, with mottled grey running through, creating depth like the coat. Soft fawn is now part of
John Smedley’s staples and has been running for a good five years and became a best-seller; here, we have used it as the base colour for a tonal outfit, but it works just as well with a charcoal flannel trouser and navy jacket. 

Informale Flannel trousers the local merchants

Ah yes, the
Informale T010 trouser. These strides have a lovely balance of formal and casual. The fabric and pleats lend to a more sartorial trouser, and the elasticated waist (I know, on a flannel trouser, close your eyes trads!) and belt loops are more casual. The mottled green wool fabric is not just cut and sewn in Melbourne but also comes from Australian merino sheep. STROOTH. Sorry, Steve. We love how Informale garments are so great to dress up or down, but for me, these trousers work best with a piece of knitwear and boot or sneaker. 

CQP Plana Chocolate brown boot

We have a confession: at the time of our shoot, not all footwear was delivered, so
C-QP may be a bit overused, but it goes to show how versatile their styles have become. They’re no longer just the makers of the Racquet. Although that is the best trainer ever. Now these boots I am absolutely gutted I did not order myself. Oh wait, I did. But Ed ordered the wrong size for himself, so I let him have mine. I know what a great guy. Using the same sexy suede as the Racquet Sr sneaker that was featured in Look 7, but the Plana is more of a chukka boot. The crepe soul is almost like dried molten lava. I have never seen dried molten lava, but that’s what I expect it to look like. It's lovely in an outfit like 10, but arguably even better with dark denim, chunky red boots and a navy roll neck. 


So there you have it; Look No.10 of AW23 is now live. So look out for our 'ways to wear it'.

If we don't have your size or you need advice on sizing or styling, don't hesitate to contact us. You can find each item below, online and in-store.  

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