Ed & Sam owners of The Local Merchants standing outside of the shop in Leigh-on-Sea




Where it all began. The year was 2020. With covid making its breakthrough and irreversibly changing many people's lives. Two normal blokes from Blighty, decided to go all-in and embark on a new adventure. Samuel, a menswear enthusiast and long time aficionado of all things classical and cool, stepped away from his long term role as a Menswear buyer and seller for a successful independent retailer, in the heart of Essex, England. Samuel teamed up with Edward, a part-time Sea Life model, and Branding & Marketing Specialist, who has successfully navigated his way through the Agency world, with a short stop at Legoland. Combining their talents, they decided to bring their pipe dream to life. 




According to Rightmove the Mecca for properties in England (and other places) Leigh-on-Sea is not only outright independent but has also been voted ‘The Happiest Place’ to live in Britain, two years in a row. So, it was a no brainer when the two decided to call it home, and The Local Merchants was born. After a bit of DIY and some cutting in from Sam himself, the original 1900’s open front glass building was restored to its natural beauty. 


The Local Merchants is a modern-day classical menswear retailer, offering a range of hand-picked garments for the contemporary gentleman. 

We pride ourselves on bringing new brands over to our English shores. We have already introduced Berwich, Informale, Circle of Friends, along with Studio 73 to the UK. Our focus is on quality and we feel that the everyday brands in department stores do not quite cut the mustard. To a small independent store like ourselves, the product is everything.

Our customers consist of young professionals who are looking to adapt and change their look, that look towards casual yet sophisticated garments. To the older gentlemen who already know that the bottom button should be left unbuttoned on a jacket or cardy, because it's correct, not fashion. They all share the same desire to be well dressed whether it's for work or home. At The Local Merchants, we strive to deliver on this desire and make the experience a good one.

Have a browse of what's to offer, including sartorial jackets, knitwear, casual wear and shoes from our curated selection of established brands.

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