SS24 Look - No.20
At The Local Merchants, we have been called many things, including clothing connoisseurs, top blokes, and 'extremely' funny individuals, and we can now add meteorologist magicians to the list!
SS24 Look - No.19
Look 19 brings the exclusive introduction of two new brands to us for this summer at The Local Merchants. This includes the unique Italian total look label DoppiAA and the innovative Spanish espadrille pioneers Castaner.
Informale x The Local Merchants: The Informal(e) Suit
We proudly introduce The Informal(e) Suit exclusive to The Local MerchantsSee it styled with other Informale items we stock. We hope you like it! 
SS24 Look - No.18
Here is another casual one—not for a sunny Sunday but a cloudy one! It combines pieces from England, France, Japan, and Spain, just a small selection of items we source from artisans from around the world 
SS24 Look - No.17

This relaxed and informal look blends patterns with textures, green with blue (yes, you can do that), and loosens the fit. It is an excellent look for your next sunny Sunday. 

SS24 Look - No.16

The big dawg is back and making light work of this everyday summer look. Ever wonder how to style out a pair of retros in white when it's more of an informal arrangement? Look no further than this combination.

SS24 Look - No.15
Oh, for f*ck's sake. Here he is again, looking the guv'na. The following outfit feature our best sellers, Berwich and Gran Sasso. Offering a way of tailoring in a laid-back form.
SS24 Look - No.14
I ask you, can you go wrong with a Navy linen whistle? And can you go wrong with a jolly model? We don't think so. Embrace the creases—they're part of its personality! 
SS24 Look - No.13
We wanted the textures to do the talking here. The crumpled texture of seersucker we felt was quite unordinary with the jacquard of a grenadine tie, but we thought they sat beautifully together.

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