SS24 Look - No.16

SS24 Look - No.16

The big dawg is back and making light work of this everyday summer look. Ever wonder how to style out a pair of retros in white when it's more of an informal arrangement? Look no further than this combination.


First up is this 'must-have'; yeah, that's right, I used that well-known marketing term because, well and truly, I'm right. Another wardrobe staple from Gran Sasso comes in the form of a 100% cotton bomber jacket made in Italy. The patch flap pockets with box pleats offer ideal storage for all your worldly belongings or hands if you feel the need to hide them from everyday sight. And what's more, the 8-horn button closure and ribbed detailing across the collar, cuffs and hem mean you won't go unnoticed. 

gran sasso bomber jacket

Sam has been banging on to me about making it his thing; what thing, you ask? Knitted T-shirts! And I have to agree with him on this one (it pains me to say). They are ideal for layering under a blazer when ironing a shirt is eating into your daily routine or adding a touch of sophistication to a simple look, as demonstrated here. The soft, close-gauge cotton of this Canali knitted t-shirt makes even the most laid-back outfits feel like a luxury. Oh, and you 
goddam guessed it, this hush puppy comes in navy! And lighter blue, if you're wondering. 

canali cotton knitted t-shirt

 wouldn't be a TLM editorial if somewhere we didn't mention Berwich, and you guessed, the lower half of Sam's torso is finished with the trusty retro. We previously ordered these bangers in for a summer wedding and felt it would be rude not to stock them the following year, so we did. A smartly constructed set of trousers will make the simplest of outfits look smart and the most elegant of outfits look effortless. Thats why we felt pairing these with the above felt right. 

berwich retros

And to allow the outfit to feel more informal, we paired the ensemble up with the older than time itself - Novesta Star Master trainer. 

Fun fact (no 
seriously, this is cool as F*ck): Novesta's factories have a rich history dating back to the 1930s. The famous shoemaker Jan Antonín Baťa established the company's original factory in Partizánske, Slovakia. Novesta is one of the last purely European brands to operate in its original premises and still uses traditional manufacturing methods that require a great deal of precision handwork. 


So there you have it. Look, No.16 of SS24 is now live. 

If we don't have your size or you need advice on sizing or styling, don't hesitate to contact us. You can find each item online and in-store.

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