SS24 Look - No.15

SS24 Look - No.15

Oh, for f*ck's sake. Here he is again, looking the guv'na. The following two outfits feature our best sellers, Berwich and Gran Sasso. One offers a way of tailoring in a laid-back form, and the other is more everyday wear. 


Ed's jacket is one of the best this season, from L.B.M 1911, in a green wool/linen blend and features our favourite button configuration, the three rolls two. The middle button is the only one intended to be used, and the top button creates a bit of 'spezzatura' and extra detail for the lapel roll. The style origin came from the start of the 1900s when men went from 3 buttons to 2 on their jackets. People with less money would have their three-button jackets pressed to look like a two. It's not the most glamorous of stories, making it even more appealing to me. Now it's a feature aquatinted with Neapolitan-style jackets, our favourites. 

The knit is from Gran Sasso, made up of a heavy ribbed cotton and linen fabric
heavy, yes, but still super breathable. The raglan shoulders and thick hems make it all the more attractive when nothing is worn over the top. But it does a good job when you pop a jacket on, and all that is revealed is the ribbing and high, thick neckline. I've seen Ed in this with jeans, shorts, chinos, as well as tailoring like here & all have worked so well. Did we mention it comes in navyI think we're making this our catch phrase. 

The trousers, of 
course you've guessed it, are Berwich. We don't see much point in looking for others at the moment; this company ticks all the boxes; it's beautifully made, the fabrics used are exceptional, it's reasonable compared to most brands on pricing, the family who own it are lovely, and our clients absolutely love it. Anyway. I digress. These are the retros; as always, we have the belt loops removed, so just the side tabs are on the waistband. This is the 'greige' summer wool. Is it beige or grey? Who bloody knows? The weight gives a beautiful drape, and we have stocked it in five colours, so give them a peep! 

A menswear icon. God, that sounds poncy, but it's true. Baudoin & Lange 
are much desired in menswear. Especially the Sagan, a beautiful, sleek Belgian loafer. Made slightly more wearable in the updated 'Stride' version. We all know Loro Piana kicked off this type of hybrid loafer/sneaker. But B & L, I feel, have made the nicest shoes that have drawn inspiration from the summer walk. Others are too similar to the original; however, the Sagan upper separates it from the others. I've had a pair of these for four years, and they're still going strong. In suede, they are incredibly versatile. If we are out of stock in your size, please message us as we always have restocks on the way. 

So there you have it. Look, No.14 of SS24 is now live.


If we don't have your size or you need advice on sizing or styling, don't hesitate to contact us. You can find each item online and in-store.

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