SS24 Look - No.14

SS24 Look - No.14

Yes, Ed's 'get up' absolutely killed it last time, but I ask you, can you go wrong with a Navy linen whistle? And can you go wrong with a jolly model? We don't think so. This look comprises all the same brands as Ed's but is used in a much more conservative, toned-down manner. Embrace the creases—they're part of its personality! 


The suit is from Studio 73, Cavaliere's sister brand. It is the Salix suit made of a navy-mottled Solbiati linen. You may be familiar with the Marcel suit we have been stocking the past two summers; this is the move on. It's the same shape jacket with the half lining, girthy lapels and patch pockets, but the Salix has a half-canvas construction. Giving more body and better drape through the chest. 

The trousers are the same as the previous Marcel trousers and also the same as Ed's seersucker trousers, but these are unfinished. The Rome features a high waist, side tabs and a generous taper toward the ankle. Like all our Cav and Studio 73 suits,  these can be bought separately and worn on their own just as well as together. 

The shirt, again, is from none other than Alessandro Gherardi, our Italian shirt-making pals. We predominantly float between two collars from Alessandro Gherardi, the 'XH' (our oversized button-down) and the '3G' (a standard-sized cutaway). But for this cotton voile shirt, we opted for the '4G', a larger sibling to the '3G' with another 1.5 cm added to the point length, making it a 9.5cm fall, even more, ideal for tie wearing.  

Cotton voile is one of our favourite summer fabrications; in certain colours, it can be too sheer, but not in this sky blue we have chosen. Voile has a higher thread count than most cotton fabrics, resulting in a luxe light handle. It feels like you're not wearing anything. It doesn't need to be worn super formally either; it is also ideal for an evening meal with a pair of chinos; if you roll the sleeves, you find it works well, too. Oh, and did I mention it also comes in a navy blue!

I'm going back to linen for the tie and square, both from Amanda Christensen. I'm keeping it tonal for both accessories, with the patterns creating interest. The tie is a navy herringbone 100% linen tie that surprisingly makes a beautiful knot. The square is in a denim-like blue with a spaced-out floral print. 

Carmina, oh sweeeeeet Carmina. This shoe is 'SEX' on heels. In fact, there's a video of me on our Instagram awkwardly and unintentionally stroking a Carmina shoe for a bit too long. I also give a talk on the brand so it's worth a look. This brown suede cap toe is made on a Rain last; it's good for a slightly wider-footed dude and fits me like a shoe. 

The versatility of brown suede is endless, to the point whenever I buy myself a leather, I always kick myself as I revert back to suedes. The softness and texture of the material mean it is a lot easier to pair with the likes of chinos and denim. A Carmina shoe, if looked after, will outlive us. The best investment in this whole fit. 


So there you have it. Look, No.14 of SS24 is now live.

If we don't have your size or you need advice on sizing or styling, don't hesitate to contact us. You can find each item online and in-store.

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