SS24 Look - No.13

SS24 Look - No.13

Right, I don't know if we always give Ed the better outfits or if he just looks better than me in every photo shoot because he's five stone lighter than me. However, he looks especially the nuts in this campaign outfit. We wanted the textures to do the talking here. The crumpled texture of seersucker we felt was quite unordinary with the jacquard of a grenadine tie, but we thought they sat beautifully together.


Cream suits have sold well for us since opening, and it's been no different since this baby landed in-store. We bring you the Gracilis suit from trusty Cavaliere, which can be bought together or separately. Made in the Czech Republic using a crisp seersucker from Italian mill Lanificio Fortex, the jacket is lighter and breezier thanks to being half-lined, with no canvas. It also has plenty of movement due to its cotton elastane blend.

The trouser is the pattern of the Rome trousers from Cav and sister brand Studio 73 that we have stocked season on season. They're high-waisted with a single pleat and side tabs with a perfect ankle taper; unlike previous Romes, these are finished with a turn-up but can be removed if desired (please don't). Of course, like the jacket, you can wear the trousers separately, maximising the use of this whistle.

We previously did a write-up on Alessandro Gherardi, which, if you haven't, why not have a cheeky butcher whilst you've got five minutes - Alessandro Gherardi Shirts: Experience, Passion and Craftsmanship. This lightweight white twill button-down features the XH collar, which they have now nicknamed the TLM collar because we are the first to use it. Thanks, Beppe ;) We love a roll, and we also love a collar roll on a shirt. Look at how the elongated 'S' is formed when worn with a tie; it sits just as well when undone. We believe there is no better shirt on the market at this price. Made in Tuscany with a fair bit of handwork, this shirt will get better with age and can be worn with near on any trouser or jacket.

The tie and square are from a brand that's new to us, Amanda Christensen. A Swedish outfit that has been going for over 135 years and makes accessories in Italy. The value you get for the money is hard to compete with; we especially love their Grenadines. The pure silk is woven on a Jacquard loom, giving a knitted-like texture, which creates a slight informality but still looks more formal than your usual knitted tie. We stock it in four colours, which all bar the black would have worked with this suit, but the softness of the olive was a bit less serious and more playful for a summer wedding say. Before I let you know about the pocket square, please, please, if you take anything away from my drivel, let it be this. Never match your tie with your square. Ok, continue. The square is pink and linen and its lovely.

Lastly, my weakness. Shoes. This is Ed's personal pair, which he has worn for a year and has developed a beautiful patina (a rich, aged look). They're solid dark brown leather unlined and super supple when brand new—formed on the sleek Uetam last from Carmina, which I find has suited the majority of our client's feet. We had it created on a Blake construction to make it more refined for summer, bringing the price down a one-a. The sole is a Carmina Tomir rubber sole, so don't worry about slipping around any dance floors on first wear!


So there you have it. Look, No.13 of SS24 is now live.

If we don't have your size or you need advice on sizing or styling, don't hesitate to contact us. You can find each item below, online and in-store.

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  • Hi lads , Ed looks super sharp,the suit is superp,love the material.If I was Ed’s age I would be in tomorrow .See you soon.

    - Brian Patten

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