SS23 Curated Looks - No.4

Look No.4 from our SS23 Curated outfits. We are pairing workwear with a splash of tailoring. It is commonplace to see a pair of denim with a blazer jacket, which has become the norm over the last thirty years. It's rarer to see a workwear top half with a tailored bottom like we have done here. We love a reason to wear tailoring more in your day-to-day life, and we hope this will help!


The jacket is from French workwear company - Vetra, which is new to The Locals this season. A fourth-generation family business still producing sturdy jackets in France. Here Ed wears the 5C Organic Jacket made from 100% organic cotton. We love the more oversized collar, shaping Ed's beautiful face beautifully and, due to its stiffness, stands up well when popped and doesn't flap about like an injured pigeon. The French blue colour (named Hydrone by Vetra) is the ideal shade of blue to team with navy for a tonal look as we have done here, but it works just as well with any of the previous trousers we have covered, as well as denim for the proper 'work-weary' ensemble. Yes, that's ensemble pronounced on-som-bla. 

vetra hydrone jacket

The knitted piece under the jacket is, in fact, a knitted t-shirt. As we have a French jacket, we thought, why not whack it with a Breton stripe, although
Mooncastle is a young Japanese knitwear company, all made in their factory in Osaka. The yarn is made from 100% cotton fibres that have been highly twisted and are designed to keep you cool in warmer climates without sticking to the skin. They call it Ice Cotton, down to its crisp cool handle. Ribbed hems and a thick ribbed band of the neck adds more texture to the garment. 


mooncastle brenton strip t-shirt

Did we mention
Berwich? Back for the fourth time in a row in Look No.4, we may need more trouser brand options. But they're so bloody good! So here we have the same trouser as Look No.1 but in blue. Ed and I are barely in denim anymore. Trousers such as the Retro work with many footwear options and don't need to be for formal wear, as demonstrated here.

berwich retro trouser


We toyed with pairing this outfit with a Novesta sneaker but loved the subtleness of the Sanders Hi-Top. The shape made famous by Steve McQueen and Daniel Craigs James Bond is known as the 'pop boy' or 'play boy' boot. 

sanders hi-top boot steve mcqueen & james bond

The texture of the updated black crepe sole has a hue of brown which marries with the chocolate suede beautifully, making this boot unique to any other. 

So there you have it; Look No.4 of SS23 is now live. So look out for our 'ways to wear it', where we focus on different ways to pair the jacket featured in today's look. 

If we don't have your size or you need advice on sizing or styling, don't hesitate to contact us. You can find each item below, online and in-store. 


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