SS23 Curated Looks - No.3

Look No.3 of SS23 curated outfits worn by Sammy Boy. In this look we transition from formal to casual. This time we are combining two of men's favourite colours Navy & Beige/cream/sand/taupe/light brown. Ok, that's more than two colours, however i have always told people struggling with what to pair together to start with a Navy top half, then pair this with either a grey or beige bottom half. You can't lose. 


The polo, from trusty Gran Sasso, is a boucle cotton featuring an open neck, cuffed short sleeves and a hemmed bottom. We had great success with the knitted t-shirt version of this last summer, so when we found out a polo was now available in a variety of different colours, we opted for both the t-shirt and polo and went to town on colour choices. The polo comes in a customer favourite - Navy (as seen), Truffle Brown (more mushroom but hey, who cares) and Salmon Pink. This texture has gone crazy in menswear for the past year. The cotton makeup of the boucle is wearable from Spring to Summer due to its weight making it ideal for warmer days. Suitable for down the beach or dinner on a hot summer evening. 

Gran Sasso Boucle Polo The Local Merchants


The chinos, of course, you've guessed it, Berwich! The Morello fit is the same as Ed's strides in Look No.2. They may look slightly slimmer on him as he has a freakishly small waist, and I have a freakishly large one. The trousers are made from a peachy cotton/elastane fabric. They are garment dyed, meaning the trousers have been constructed and then dyed to their colour, rather than the material being dyed before sewing. This gives the 'washed' effect and fading around pockets & seams that you see on most casual chinos. You can choose near on any footwear with these, including sneakers, shoes, loafers, damn yes, boots. Oh, why bloody not? Dress them up or down. These should be sitting right next to your rinsed denim in your wardrobe. 

Berwich Chinos The Local Merchants


Up next is the sneaker-loafers, or the 'snoafers' as I call them (I don't. I just made that up, it's a horrible name, and I'd never use it). I adore this shoe brand. CQP is what I wear on my feet 80% of the time. The Debonair is a lovely bridge between your loafer and trainer. Lots of brands are doing this style. However, we find the price-to-quality ratio and the shape itself mean CQP are the best on the market. I've seen these with shorts, chinos, linen trousers and even a suit, all of which were perfectly harmonious. 

Debonair CQP Shoes The Local Merchants


So there you have it; Look No.3 of SS23 is now live. So look out for our 'ways to wear it', where we focus on different ways to pair the jacket featured in today's look. 

If we don't have your size or you need advice on sizing or styling, don't hesitate to contact us. You can find each item below, online and in-store. 


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